York and Yorkminster

On our recent trip to the UK we had the chance to stay overnight in York where nei­ther of us had been.  It’s in the north of Eng­land near­er the East side of the coun­try.  We drove over the Pen­nines from the West en route down from Scot­land; great fun as you have some ele­va­tion gain as well as loads of sheep and moors to look at.

York is a great town which real­ly deserves a two night stay at least to see all it has to offer.  For­tu­nate­ly we were stay­ing only a mile or so from the town cen­tre and were able to walk to see the sights, in par­tic­u­lar, York­min­ster, the cathe­dral which rivals any­thing we’ve seen any­where.  As usu­al we did man­age to get lost on our way back to our digs, but found our way with help from some friend­ly locals😀.

A few pho­tos below:


By stephen

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You’re right, the cathe­dral is outstanding.
Your oth­er pic­tures are also pretty.
Espe­cial­ly the pic­ture of you Steven, LOL !

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