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Rough night in London

Well we made it yes­ter­day to Lon­don Heathrow with Vir­gin from San Fran­cis­co. Flight was good and we slept quite a bit, amaz­ing­ly enough. Maybe the down­ie and sleep suit helped.

Haven’t arrived at T3 in Heathrow for a long time and it could sure do with an over­haul. Long, long walk from the plane to immi­gra­tion and all looked real­ly dirty and quite run down. Not a great wel­come for the Olympic vis­i­tors in a week or so.

Spent the night at the Sof­i­tel Hotel at T5 which was great if pricey. Woke up at 2 am and we head­ed back to the air­port at 4am for our flight to Zurich this morning. 

Tired but hap­py from the BA Lounge in T 5.

By stephen

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