Tropical Storm Bill

billread640360-pngHere in Sug­ar Land we’re under a trop­i­cal storm warn­ing for Bill which made land­fall this morn­ing.  Its been pret­ty unevent­ful for us so far, with a min­i­mal amount of rain and no wind to speak of.  How­ev­er they are fore­cast­ing heavy rain and winds for our area tonight and tomor­row morn­ing as the mois­ture from the Gulf of Mex­i­co gets drawn up to the north by the high pres­sure sys­tem sit­ting over us.

 The lit­tle graph­ic above gives an idea of the track of the storm but for a bet­ter overview go to the local KPRC 2 web­site.

It’s fair­ly typ­i­cal that just as Stephen is hav­ing knee surgery (Wednes­day morn­ing) there should be this humon­gous storm💥.  Roll on Wednes­day evening.


Extremes of Temperature

You have to love the cli­mate here in the heart of Texas.  Today we had a high of about 79F and by tomor­row morn­ing its sup­posed to be 31F and poten­tial­ly snow­ing!  Had the AC on a lit­tle today at home and could have the heat­ing back on the next few days.  Go figure.

IMG_0053This is a screen shot from app for the week here.  For­tu­nate­ly it was not 85F today and In truth we’re not quite ready to throw out the duvet for the sum­mer months so a few more cold nights will be most welcome.

I hope the weath­er is being kind to you wher­ev­er in the world you hap­pen to be.

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Coastal Storms

The last three days have been amaz­ing­ly weird weath­er at the coast in Galve­ston.  The sun has been absent but the mist and humid­i­ty has been here in abun­dance.  Last night we had our first 100% humid­i­ty night.  Pret­ty alright real­ly apart from every­thing being a bit damp to the touch.  On the plus side your skin feels real­ly well moisturized!

We have a big storm fore­cast for Thurs­day with thun­der and lots of light­en­ing.  If its like the one we had last week it should be a blast.

Foggy Day In Anthem
Fog­gy Day In Galveston

We’re out of our present digs tomor­row (Thurs­day) and mov­ing into a rental in town where Chris and Michelle are join­ing us for the week­end.  Should be a bunch of fun for our send off to the ship on Sunday.



Freezing weekend in Anthem

Well its mid-Jan­u­ary and its freez­ing here.  Not that unusu­al for the desert but still comes as a bit of a shock.  The tem­per­a­ture fell to around 27F last night and we had to cov­er all the vul­ner­a­ble plants.  Man­aged to buy some sheets from the Good­will store and used there as cov­ers.  Seems to work­ing real­ly well.

Our pond frozen
Our pond frozen

For the first time in 5 years our gar­den pond has frozen sol­id.  The cold snap is expect­ed to con­tin­ue until Tuesday–roll on the warmer weather!