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Leaving Alloway and Ayrshire, Scotland

We take off in the morn­ing, Sat­ur­day 25th Octo­ber to head north to the Isle of Skye. It’s about a 4–6 hour dri­ve from here and the fore­cast is for heavy rain, so we should have an enter­tain­ing day. We’re stay­ing at the Spoons Bed & Break­fast where we last stayed many years ago. Look­ing for­ward to see­ing Skye again and enjoy­ing the space and soli­tude the island brings.

We’re on Skye until Wednes­day then begin our trek south towards Southamp­ton, via the Lake Dis­trict and Cotswolds regions.  Big trav­el week ahead!

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Scotland visit almost over-Quick check in

Can you believe it, we’re 4 weeks into our 5 week sojourn to Ayr­shire. We’ve been hun­kered down exer­cis­ing in our local gym in Ayr, see­ing friends and fam­i­ly, & gen­er­al­ly enjoy­ing the break from trav­el­ing. The weath­er is turn­ing very autum­nal with cold­er morn­ings and some (but not much) rain so far. In our lit­tle house for one more week then we hit the road north to Skye, then south to the Lake Dis­trict, Cotswolds (Shake­speare coun­try), and final­ly to Southamp­ton where we pick up the ship. Amaz­ing­ly we’ll like­ly have cov­ered around 3,000 miles by the time we leave the UK.

I don’t expect we’ll post much in the next month or so but you nev­er know.…

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Off to Nettlebed Today

We’re leav­ing our lit­tle thatched cot­tage in Devon on a beau­ti­ful sun­ny & warm morn­ing as you can see from the pho­to view from our patio.

We’re stay­ing tonight in Net­tlebed near Hen­ley-on-Thames where we used to live. Tomor­row on to Heathrow for a flight Lis­bon and the warmth!


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SignNow & iTranslate: Two useful apps when traveling


Sign­Now is an app for the web or your smart­phone which allows you to anno­tate and add to pdf doc­u­ments as well as sign and date them with your very own elec­tron­ic sig­na­ture.  Super easy to use and very sta­ble.

We were faced with hav­ing to sign and send a num­ber of legal doc­u­ments while we were in Spain with no ready access to a print­er, not to men­tion the has­sle of mail­ing a hard copy of the doc­u­ments all over the world.  After a search on-line we found Sign­Now, a free app for the iPhone or oth­er smart phone.  Its is super easy to use and very straight­for­ward to append your (or mul­ti­ple )signature(s) or add text to a pdf.  When com­plet­ed the app lets you email a copy of the signed doc­u­ment to the recip­i­ent.  Easy as that.

The folks we have dealt with recent­ly were over­joyed to have an elec­tron­ic ver­sion of the doc­u­ments, as were we to have saved timer and mon­ey as well as have an archived signed copy of the doc­u­ments in our files.


 iTrans­late is a must have app if you are trav­el­ing to a coun­try that does not speak your lan­guage. We used it exten­sive­ly in Spain (even to do some of our lan­guage class home­work!).  Real­ly fast to use in the moment when you need to know a word, like beer, in a for­eign lan­guage.  It even speaks the word for you if you want to under­stand the pro­nun­ci­a­tion.

The only pro­vi­so in using this app is that you will need wi-fi or a local cell sig­nal to use it.  Not always pos­si­ble when on a short­er hol­i­day.

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Gay Pride Week, Sitges

And the dog is pink!
And the dog is pink!

Tonight is the main event of the Gay Pride week in Sit­ges and there is a large parade with floats and many oth­er attrac­tions. It starts around 5pm and goes through to 10pm. We’ll be tak­ing in the sights and hop­ing to have some pho­tos to post on this page lat­er.

It’s around 80F and love­ly and sun­ny. Should be a hot one with plen­ty of beer!

See lots more pho­tos here

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Accommodation Arrangements

We’ve just spent a good few hours fix­ing our accom­mo­da­tion for the next 3 months after Spain, and will be spend­ing our time in Paris (France), Lis­bon (Por­tu­gal), Madeira (Por­tu­gal) and the UK. Its been a real effort to carve out eco­nom­i­cal rentals dur­ing the high sea­son in Europe. But we did it and are very hap­py with our book­ings.

We’re leav­ing Sit­ges, Spain and trav­el­ing by rail (TGV) to Paris, spend­ing a few days sight­see­ing then tak­ing the Eurostar Train to Lon­don. Rail trav­el is such a delight in Europe and we’re real­ly look­ing for­ward to the journey–apart from car­ry­ing our cas­es!

Please have a look at our cal­en­dar on the site to where you can find us. We hope if you are in the area we are we can hook up with you.

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Life is Sweet in Sugar Land

Photo showing Statue of Stephen Austin
Stat­ue of Stephen Austin

Made it to Sug­ar Land, TX yes­ter­day (where Stephen’s son Christo­pher & his wife Michelle live) after a real­ly hec­tic few days mov­ing out of Anthem. We spent the morn­ing in the town square in Sug­ar Land remind­ing our­selves of what is here, and vis­it­ing the odd Star­bucks and clothes shop.  For­tu­nate­ly we’re still a bit fatigued from the move and jour­ney over here, so lit­tle shop­ping ener­gy was expend­ed. Apt­ly named “Faith” (not Fear), this stat­ue guides us  as we begin a jour­ney into the unknown.




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Venice, Italy. Day 1

Thrown off the ship at 8:15am at the Venice cruise ter­mi­nal, we hired a water taxi to take us to our hotel. What a blast. Com­plete bed­lam at the ter­mi­nal as you can imag­ine with three cruis­es ter­mi­nat­ing there today. Paid for the taxi tick­et and was giv­en a num­ber of the taxi. Joined about 50 oth­er folks look­ing for their taxi num­ber and all being con­trolled by a port­ly, not too amused Ital­ian guy.

A lot of the folks wait­ing were Ital­ian and it has to be said they have no con­cept of lin­ing up or queu­ing for any­thing. Every­one tried to push to the front the line, block­ing the entrance to the jet­ty. We were already at the front feel­ing smug with our car­ry-on bags, but soon got blocked in by the melee. When in Rome or Venice.…..

All got sort­ed out and we board­ed our taxi smooth­ly for a great ride out of the cruse ter­mi­nal to the Grand Canal then on to our hotel. Some pic­tures and short video clip below.