Back home in Texas

We arrived back home about a week ago and are just begin­ning to get our heads above water.  We decid­ed to do no post­ing while on vaca­tion and for once have a ‘tech free’ break.  OK for me it was bor­ing in places but quite relax­ing not hav­ing to rush around find­ing a wifi spot to post from.

As usu­al we took tons of pho­tos and I’ll post these in the next few weeks in some sort of order.



Extremes of Temperature

You have to love the cli­mate here in the heart of Texas.  Today we had a high of about 79F and by tomor­row morn­ing its sup­posed to be 31F and poten­tial­ly snow­ing!  Had the AC on a lit­tle today at home and could have the heat­ing back on the next few days.  Go fig­ure.

IMG_0053This is a screen shot from app for the week here.  For­tu­nate­ly it was not 85F today and In truth we’re not quite ready to throw out the duvet for the sum­mer months so a few more cold nights will be most wel­come.

I hope the weath­er is being kind to you wher­ev­er in the world you hap­pen to be.

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Four seasons in day

It used to be I thought Scot­land was the only place in the world where you could expe­ri­ence all four sea­sons in a day.   Now I know there’s some­where else: Sug­ar Land, TX.

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New Digs in Sugar Land, TX

Today was mov­ing day!  We vacat­ed our tem­po­rary fur­nished apart­ment and moved to an unfur­nished apart­ment in the same devel­op­ment as Stephen’s son Chris.  Had a lot of fun rent­ing fur­ni­ture from a local com­pa­ny and it was all deliv­ered yes­ter­day.  Instant rooms!  What a laugh.

I’d say it was back to the stu­dent days, but I’ve nev­er lived in an apart­ment com­plex so its quite a nov­el­ty for me.  Its cer­tain­ly nice not to have to take care of any house main­te­nance for a while, but you do miss hav­ing all your tools avail­able.

We’re keep­ing this place for at least 6 months and will update more lat­er.

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Sugar Land for the Holidays

Greetings y’all from Texas!  Happy New Year and all the best for 2014.    We hope all you wish for comes to pass and you remain healthy, wealthy (and wise).

We land­ed here just before Christ­mas and spent 4 nights in an hotel before secur­ing our apart­ment about 10 min­utes from Stephen’s son Chris and his wife Michelle.  Once again we learned in our search that using an online search is fine for an overview of an area but leads to amaz­ing frus­tra­tion with dead links, old infor­ma­tion et al.

Through Chris putting us in touch with their apart­ment man­ag­er we made con­tact with a great rental agency here in Sug­ar Land, saw one apart­ment and secured it for the month.  The apart­ment is great, mod­ern, and quite fun.  As usu­al there are always things you wish you had–like a blender and good cut­ting knives–but you man­age with­out them after a while.

On the tech­ni­cal side, we reen­gaged with AppleTV and Net­flix and its been good to catch up with some movies and a cou­ple of our favorite series, like Greys Anato­my.  In addi­tion Stephen bought a nice portable wire­less speak­er to allow us to play our music from the iPhones over a blue­tooth connection–a major plus for our forth­com­ing trav­els.

We expect to be here until the end of Jan­u­ary 2014 which will allow us to plan our 2014 and catch up with some admin tasks.



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Cloudy Day in Texas City

Been a humid and over­cast day today. Just as well since we’re dri­ving around doing chores. Put the last few things in the safe deposit in Sug­ar Land, then stopped off at the Tanger Out­lets in Texas City-about 16 miles from our cur­rent base. Hop­ing to pick up some last minute “essen­tials” for our trip.

Quick­ly real­ized there is a phys­i­cal lim­it to how much stuff we can car­ry with us, even with­out using an air­port with all the weight restric­tions.