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Sugar Land for the Holidays

Greetings y’all from Texas!  Happy New Year and all the best for 2014.    We hope all you wish for comes to pass and you remain healthy, wealthy (and wise).

We land­ed here just before Christ­mas and spent 4 nights in an hotel before secur­ing our apart­ment about 10 min­utes from Stephen’s son Chris and his wife Michelle.  Once again we learned in our search that using an online search is fine for an overview of an area but leads to amaz­ing frus­tra­tion with dead links, old infor­ma­tion et al.

Through Chris putting us in touch with their apart­ment man­ag­er we made con­tact with a great rental agency here in Sug­ar Land, saw one apart­ment and secured it for the month.  The apart­ment is great, mod­ern, and quite fun.  As usu­al there are always things you wish you had–like a blender and good cut­ting knives–but you man­age with­out them after a while.

On the tech­ni­cal side, we reen­gaged with AppleTV and Net­flix and its been good to catch up with some movies and a cou­ple of our favorite series, like Greys Anato­my.  In addi­tion Stephen bought a nice portable wire­less speak­er to allow us to play our music from the iPhones over a blue­tooth connection–a major plus for our forth­com­ing trav­els.

We expect to be here until the end of Jan­u­ary 2014 which will allow us to plan our 2014 and catch up with some admin tasks.



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We stopped in for a snack lunch yes­ter­day at the pool bar/restaurant in our resort. Had a love­ly table over­look­ing the sea, food was good if a bit expen­sive and the beer was cold.

An Eng­lish cou­ple with their two kids under 7 years old sat at the next table. As soon as they sat down the Dad’s head was in his iPhone and he said noth­ing through­out the meal! The kids like­wise were deep in their iPads the whole meal. Mum was left to pon­der life as the only one with­out an i‑device. The only words spo­ken were to the wait­er to order food. Noth­ing else. Nada. Zip.

We were of course entranced. Is this what it means to have tech­nol­o­gy as soon as you can talk?

I think this is an extreme exam­ple but like­ly fair­ly typ­i­cal. Fam­i­ly life gone? Who knows. I did­n’t much like tak­ing to my folks at that age either!

I won­der where it will all end.

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Technology Decisions

Hav­ing decid­ed to trav­el for a peri­od, one of the big issues is how to effec­tive­ly keep in touch with friends and fam­i­ly, not to men­tion being able to post to our blog.    Our needs are quite sim­ple real­ly and I would guess quite com­mon to trav­el­ers for any peri­od of time:

  1. Sim­pli­fy and car­ry as lit­tle tech­nol­o­gy as pos­si­ble
  2. Store as much as we can in the “cloud” rather than on the local com­put­er.  This is more about secu­ri­ty of data than any­thing else.  We’ll be rent­ing apart­ments in strange places and we’re not yet quite sure how we’ll secure our tech­nol­o­gy and data
  3. Use cell phones as pri­ma­ry point of con­tact prefer­ably with a local sim card (thus avoid­ing stu­pid roam­ing charges)
  4. Car­ry computer/iPad with the abil­i­ty to access com­mon­ly used pro­grams.  For me this is Adobe Cre­ative Suite, Word, Excel, Num­bers, Pages, Aper­ture and the Apple iLife suite.  In addi­tion online access is essen­tial wher­ev­er we go since many of the fore­go­ing con­nect with the world and there are a num­ber of online only access suites used on a dai­ly basis
  5. Has to be Apple prod­ucts.  Used Apple for so long that to change to any­thing else would be a major let down and headache. Also the prod­ucts car­ry a world­wide war­ran­ty where repairs are car­ried out in the local Apple store

With these require­ments in mind, our solu­tion is split into three posts:

Cell Phones; Com­put­ing-Lap­tops; Com­put­ing-iPads


We feel pret­ty good about our choic­es and think the set up will work well on the road, while sta­tionery and allow us to con­tin­ue our dai­ly tasks as if we were at home—wherever that is.