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Shopping Spanish Style

Hav­ing moved into our apart­ment we quick­ly real­ized no food would be forth­com­ing unless we went out and bought some­thing.  As with all towns there are a myr­i­ad of options for gro­cery shop­ping in Sit­ges.  For­tu­nate­ly many of these are with­in a short walk from our apart­ment, and we hit the largest super­mar­ket in the area to stock up on essen­tials.  Water is going to be our main pain the neck, since its inad­vis­able to drink the local tap water, and we go through a fair bit of the stuff in the day.  We bought a 6.6l bot­tle to lug back to the apart­ment as part of our first trip–really good price at about €2, but weighs a ton and we’ll go through at least one a day.

Its such a change from the US (or UK for that mat­ter) style of shop­ping.  Very few cars vis­it the town shops and most stuff is car­ried back to the home on a dai­ly basis.  Advan­tages are that things are fresh–such as bread and choco­late croissants!–and the prices seem real­ly good–we spent about €50 for an ini­tial set up of house­hold items and food.  We thought it would be much more expen­sive in the US, but its ear­ly days and we’ll see as we shop more in the weeks to come and try and track the rel­a­tive costs.

I’m sit­ting on our bal­cony with a (dis­tant) view of the Mediter­ranean, the sun is shin­ing and all is well with the world.  I can see why artists, poets, and writ­ers have been attract­ed to this region over the years.  Quite love­ly.

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Cloudy Day in Texas City

Been a humid and over­cast day today. Just as well since we’re dri­ving around doing chores. Put the last few things in the safe deposit in Sug­ar Land, then stopped off at the Tanger Out­lets in Texas City-about 16 miles from our cur­rent base. Hop­ing to pick up some last minute “essen­tials” for our trip.

Quick­ly real­ized there is a phys­i­cal lim­it to how much stuff we can car­ry with us, even with­out using an air­port with all the weight restric­tions.