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Leaving Alloway and Ayrshire, Scotland

We take off in the morn­ing, Sat­ur­day 25th Octo­ber to head north to the Isle of Skye. It’s about a 4–6 hour dri­ve from here and the fore­cast is for heavy rain, so we should have an enter­tain­ing day. We’re stay­ing at the Spoons Bed & Break­fast where we last stayed many years ago. Look­ing for­ward to see­ing Skye again and enjoy­ing the space and soli­tude the island brings.

We’re on Skye until Wednes­day then begin our trek south towards Southamp­ton, via the Lake Dis­trict and Cotswolds regions.  Big trav­el week ahead!

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Road Trip around the Trossachs, Scotland

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We decid­ed to set off and see a bit of central/nearly high­land Scot­land on the spur of the moment today.  End­ed up cov­er­ing about 170 miles and hav­ing some amaz­ing views and a love­ly snack lunch near Doune–dropped into an antique cen­tre and had veg­gie risot­to for lunch!  The food in Scot­land real­ly is bril­liant and has come a long way since I used to live here. There are many out of the way lit­tle restau­rants where you can get a decent snack or meal as you like.

Veggie Risotto for lunch.  Yum!
Veg­gie Risot­to for lunch. Yum!

As part of our sojourn on the road from Callan­der to Doune we turned into a place adver­tis­ing tea/coffee.  It turned out to be a “well­ness” retreat and quite run down look­ing.  We ate a deli­cious veg­an scone in the com­pa­ny of a child being home schooled by his mum, the pro­pri­etor of the place!   The sto­ry she was read­ing was real­ly engag­ing and it was a wrench to leave.  Quite a laugh!


Photo of the Day

View of a cloudy day in Scotland
Typ­i­cal Scot­tish Scene

Thought this would be a fit­ting post today to remem­ber the trip we took through the north of Scot­land this past sum­mer.  The clouds were right down and there were fre­quent squalls of rain, so heavy, that at times you could hard­ly see the road!  You have to love this coun­try.  So dra­mat­ic and full of mys­tery.