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Accommodation Arrangements

We’ve just spent a good few hours fix­ing our accom­mo­da­tion for the next 3 months after Spain, and will be spend­ing our time in Paris (France), Lis­bon (Por­tu­gal), Madeira (Por­tu­gal) and the UK. Its been a real effort to carve out eco­nom­i­cal rentals dur­ing the high sea­son in Europe. But we did it and are very hap­py with our book­ings.

We’re leav­ing Sit­ges, Spain and trav­el­ing by rail (TGV) to Paris, spend­ing a few days sight­see­ing then tak­ing the Eurostar Train to Lon­don. Rail trav­el is such a delight in Europe and we’re real­ly look­ing for­ward to the journey–apart from car­ry­ing our cas­es!

Please have a look at our cal­en­dar on the site to where you can find us. We hope if you are in the area we are we can hook up with you.

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Couple of days in Galveston

Sat­ur­day April 20, Galve­ston, TX. Sun­ny and 75 F

We rent­ed a small house in town for the week­end to be clos­er to the port for our depar­ture tomor­row. It’s a typ­i­cal 50’s style home which has not been mod­ernised to any great extent, but fits our needs for the cou­ple of nights we a stay­ing here.


Sit­ting in the back gar­den enjoy­ing a cup of tea this morn­ing we came across this lit­tle vis­i­tor on the fence. He changes colour accord­ing to the back­ground. Grey on the fence, green on the foliage. Amaz­ing.


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Coastal Storms

The last three days have been amaz­ing­ly weird weath­er at the coast in Galve­ston.  The sun has been absent but the mist and humid­i­ty has been here in abun­dance.  Last night we had our first 100% humid­i­ty night.  Pret­ty alright real­ly apart from every­thing being a bit damp to the touch.  On the plus side your skin feels real­ly well mois­tur­ized!

We have a big storm fore­cast for Thurs­day with thun­der and lots of light­en­ing.  If its like the one we had last week it should be a blast.

Foggy Day In Anthem
Fog­gy Day In Galve­ston

We’re out of our present digs tomor­row (Thurs­day) and mov­ing into a rental in town where Chris and Michelle are join­ing us for the week­end.  Should be a bunch of fun for our send off to the ship on Sun­day.


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People are really nice in Texas

I’ve just been out and about in Galve­ston, TX doing what we all have to do: pick­ing up some stuff from var­i­ous shops, and its sud­den­ly struck me that peo­ple are real­ly nice in this area. I don’t know why but I had the stereo­typ­i­cal image of the aver­age Tex­an as being abra­sive and not-so-nice. The oppo­site is the case.

Went into Office Depot and assis­tants were falling over them­selves to help me find stuff-not aggres­sive­ly but help­ful­ly. In Star­bucks the same hap­pens. Peo­ple seem glad to be doing what they are doing and are gen­uine­ly eager to help and pleas­ant with it! Amaz­ing.

This is a real­ly pleas­ant area and if you get a chance you should vis­it it and find out for your­self.

It’s just nice to have pleas­ant expe­ri­ences for a change.