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Fast Train to Paris

Fast train waits patiently at Spanish station
Fast train waits patient­ly at Span­ish sta­tion

Figueres, Spain. In a mod­ern, open lounge area for trav­ellers, we sit with about 100 oth­er pas­sen­gers – some wait­ing for the Madrid train and oth­ers for the TGV – in French: train à grande vitesse (high speed train) to Paris, “The City of Light” (not only as an ear­ly cen­ter of ideas and cre­ativ­i­ty, but as the first munic­i­pal­i­ty in Europe to illu­mi­nate its main streets with gas lamps). With my lim­it­ed lug­gage posi­tioned like a fortress in front of me, I’m scrunched up on a minia­ture plas­tic seat com­pos­ing an email on my iPhone’s tiny key­board as Stephen offers our seats to an old­er cou­ple. Fair enough. We move and I fin­ish my mes­sage lean­ing against a near­by con­crete wall.

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People are really nice in Texas

I’ve just been out and about in Galve­ston, TX doing what we all have to do: pick­ing up some stuff from var­i­ous shops, and its sud­den­ly struck me that peo­ple are real­ly nice in this area. I don’t know why but I had the stereo­typ­i­cal image of the aver­age Tex­an as being abra­sive and not-so-nice. The oppo­site is the case.

Went into Office Depot and assis­tants were falling over them­selves to help me find stuff-not aggres­sive­ly but help­ful­ly. In Star­bucks the same hap­pens. Peo­ple seem glad to be doing what they are doing and are gen­uine­ly eager to help and pleas­ant with it! Amaz­ing.

This is a real­ly pleas­ant area and if you get a chance you should vis­it it and find out for your­self.

It’s just nice to have pleas­ant expe­ri­ences for a change.