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Dartmoor National Park & Prison

Moorland stretches for miles over pastures and valleys
Moor­land stretch­es for miles over pas­tures and val­leys

The Park

Locat­ed in south­west Devon coun­ty, this stun­ning land­scape show­cas­es some of the wildest nat­ur­al beau­ty in Britain with 368 square miles of pale pur­ple heather, deep green forests, and ancient gran­ite rock for­ma­tions – known as tors. The Park ranks com­pa­ra­ble in size to the US Mount Rainier in the state of Wash­ing­ton. In con­trast, Yosemite holds more than three times the land mass.

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Brazos State Park, Texas

Photo of alligator
Alli­ga­tor loung­ing 10 feet from the path

We’ve been spend­ing the last week or so in and around Sug­ar Land, TX and went to vis­it Bra­zos State Park with Chris (Stephen’s son) and his wife Michelle.  This is a com­plete­ly nat­ur­al habi­tat for the indige­nous wildlife in the area, includ­ing many, many bird species, deer, and last, and not least, alli­ga­tors.   We walked around the lake in the park on a beau­ti­ful Texas spring after­noon and came across loads of alli­ga­tors close to the path.  This guy on the left was about the largest we saw and I snapped his pho­to as he was yawn­ing!

He could have cared less about us and accord­ing to the park rangers they are only inter­est­ed in eat­ing tur­tles, water birds and fish.  The ones we saw must have been well fed since they had birds crawl­ing all over them and they did­n’t bat an eye­lid!

Crane and alligator together
Crane walk­ing past alli­ga­tor