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Knightshayes Court

Stables hold pride of place at entrance to estate
Sta­bles hold pride of place at entrance to estate

Locat­ed in Tiver­ton, not far from our tem­po­rary thatched-roof cot­tage, Knight­shayes Court rep­re­sents yet anoth­er Nation­al Trust loca­tion where we spent a hap­py few hours. The Trust acquired the estate in 1973 after the death of its own­er Sir John Heath­coat-Amory. His fore­fa­ther, John Heath­coat, inven­tor of an inno­v­a­tive lace pro­duc­tion machine, orig­i­nal­ly chose the site for its view of his plant — the largest lace-man­u­fac­tur­ing facil­i­ty in the world at the end of the nine­teenth cen­tu­ry.

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Removal Day

Today we moved from our hotel to start liv­ing with the locals in our apart­ment.  We rent­ed a love­ly mod­ern­ized apart­ment near to the cen­tre of Sit­ges and close to the old town.  It takes us about 5 min­utes to walk to the beach or the old town.

View from the table out to the balcony
View from the table out to the bal­cony

Mov­ing is always a bit fraught what with pack­ing every­thing in our suit­cas­es and rolling them down the street to our new digs.  It cer­tain­ly makes you appre­ci­ate the impor­tance of these lit­tle ramps at the curb edge which make the suit­case per­form much more eas­i­ly.  Fun­ni­ly enough our cas­es were full but we each had a sep­a­rate bag of dirty cloth­ing!  Where did that all come from and how will we man­age of the train when we leave Sit­ges (if ever!)?

We met our real estate per­son Tri­cia (from the UK) at the apart­ment on time and we man­aged to get our­selves and our cas­es inside–the ele­va­tors in these apart­ments are always a laugh–Rita and one case is all that can fit at a time.  What to larg­er folks do?

The apart­ment is real­ly love­ly on the atti­co (top) floor of an apart­ment build­ing with a great view to the sea and hills. The bal­cony faces east so we should get some amaz­ing sun­rise cups of tea!

A pleas­ant sur­prise is that the wifi is very fast and we have SkyFree­view TV with all the UK channels–result!



Sold our Anthem Home

view of our Anthem home
Our Anthem Home

Well it had to hap­pen I guess.  Hav­ing tak­en the plunge to mar­ket our home for sale in late Decem­ber, it took pre­cise­ly 5 or so days until we had a firm offer.  Two weeks on the deal was done.  This real­ly is the only way to sell a house.  No wait­ing around and won­der­ing, few view­ings and a short close.  We have to thank our real­tor, Lin­da Rehwalt for the excel­lent sup­port and mar­ket­ing plan she devised.  If you are ever in the mar­ket for a home in Anthem she is you’re go to per­son.

So on April 1, 2013 we will be offi­cial­ly home­less and start­ing on our jour­ney of dis­cov­ery.  Be care­ful what you wish for.….