Window Replacement Day

Big day today.  We’re hav­ing our large win­dow in the breakfast/dining area replaced since the orig­i­nal one had the sash in the wrong place.  Dif­fi­cult to visu­al­ize but there will be a few pho­tos below to illus­trate the process for our record as much as any­thing else.

Two guys have turned up and they seem to know what they are about.  Build­ing the scaf­fold­ing right now and will get to the cut­ting out direct­ly.  Joy!

I guess the cut­ting out is more like ham­mer­ing out.  They’ve been bash­ing the wall around the win­dow for about an hour now and its rain­ing  stuc­co out­side!  At least the stuc­co is well attached and secure-giv­en how hard it is to ham­mer off.  Oh and a few bits of the old win­dow are falling now–old flash­ing and such like.

Well after about three hours it looks like they have final­ly fin­ished the win­dow install.  It looks great and we now have to look for­ward to get­ting the stuc­co repaired then exter­nal and inter­nal paint­ing and caulk­ing.  This should be done in the next day or day.  Fin­gers crossed.

These guys actu­al­ly were excel­lent.  they even had a lev­el with them and inured the win­dow was square and plumb before final­ly fix­ing it to the wall.  Thank good­ness that’s done now we’ll get the stuc­co repaired and the paint­ing tak­en care of and we’re done.


Moving house used to be fun.….

Immense moving truck
Immense mov­ing truck

Its been a wee while since I last post­ed here.  We’ve been flat-out since the New Year try­ing to get moved into our home here in Texas.  Liv­ing with com­par­a­tive­ly few pos­ses­sions in the last cou­ple of years we were sud­den­ly faced with the shock of the deliv­ery of all our “stuff” we had in stor­age in Phoenix.  The deliv­ery went off real­ly smooth­ly (apart from the huge truck tak­ing out part of the street out­side our house–impossible to get a huge semi around a small round­about:–) and as we waved off the removers we were excit­ed to see some of our old pos­ses­sions from a cou­ple of years ago.

We brought lit­tle fur­ni­ture from stor­age and have re equipped the house with items we bought here in Sug­ar Land.  Its been a real­ly good plan since not much of our old stuff would have fit­ted the new digs; not to men­tion lots of it was fair­ly aged in any case.

Its been a seem­ing­ly huge task to get our­selves orga­nized in the house, man­age the builder, keep up with work com­mit­ments, health appoint­ments & still have some fun.  I think what I’ve sac­ri­ficed most is my reg­u­lar gym work and I’ll be address­ing that in the near future.  As they say, you can’t do every­thing.

Living room
Liv­ing room

The house is great and we love it.  We start­ed off with a punch list for the builder of about 115 items and are now down to about 5, and as late as yes­ter­day dis­cov­ered we were miss­ing an elec­tri­cal out­let we had ordered in the hall (only when I went to plug in a lamp was it seen to be miss­ing!).  The main one still to be tak­en car of is to replace a bay win­dow in the din­ing room–they installed the wrong one if you can believe it.  It might take anoth­er few weeks to get that tak­en care of.

The last thing we have to do is win­dow cov­er­ings.  One of the down­sides of buy­ing a new home is that you have to cov­er the win­dows.  If you haven’t done this for some time you are in for a sur­prise.  In AZ we did not need win­dow cov­er­ings on our house so its been around 12 years since we had to buy them.  Its a bit like the price of a small car when you have to cov­er 30 odd win­dows!

We should have this all tak­en care of before we leave on a trip in April.  In the inter­im we have tem­po­rary blinds from Lowe’s which at $6 a pop look like fine to me.  If you haven’t tried them they are great and can be found in the blinds area in Lowe’s.

Cost­co was our source for the win­dow cov­er­ings and again as usu­al they have been great.  Super ben­e­fit is that you get 10% cash back on a Cost­co card after instal and Cost­co backs a life­time guar­an­tee on the prod­uct.  Also you don’t pay until after the instal–always nice.

I’ll try and post a bit more often in the future but ttfn (bit of British :“ta ta for now”)

Where we are
Where we are

The never ending move-in

IMG_0715I took the pho­to of the but­ter­fly recent­ly around Sug­ar Land and its a pleas­ant reminder that the sun can shine here even although we haven’t seen it for a cou­ple of weeks.  It cheers me on a cold and cloudy Jan­u­ary day.

We moved into our new home here in Sug­ar Land about a cou­ple of weeks ago and have been work­ing with the builder to fin­ish off a lengthy punch list ever since.  Its been real­ly great but exhaust­ing hav­ing work­ers in most days.  We’d been wait­ing for our LED bulbs for about 3 months and they were final­ly installed a cou­ple of days ago.  When evening fell we real­ized the builder had bought day­light bulbs which when you’ve got a bunch on feels like you’re in a foot­ball sta­di­um.  So we’re hav­ing them changed out for a warm white col­or instead.  Jeez.

Our pos­ses­sions from stor­age in Ari­zona (that sun­ny warm place in the win­ter) were due to come this week but have been delayed until next week.  Fig­ures.   We’re not too dis­ap­point­ed since there has been so much work going on to have our stuff falling on top of it might have been a bit much.

The end is in sight and we hope to get prop­er­ly set­tled by the end of the month when we’ll like­ly sleep for a while!


Hot hot day in sunny Arizona

Well here we are sur­viv­ing the heat when we should be away in the cool­ness. Ah well not long to wait now until the off.