Santorini, Greece

On Sun­day 22 July we arrived on San­tori­ni. This is the Greek island which is typ­i­cal­ly high­light­ed as the real Greece, with the white­washed build­ings and blue domed church­es. Dis­ap­point­ed­ly we could only find one blue dome with­in walk­ing dis­tance or to pho­to­graph.

On this Sun­day there were 10,000 vis­i­tors on the island and that lead to the inevitable queues and crowds in the nar­row streets.

Had to ten­der off the ship which was fun, then line up for the cable car up the 900 or so feet to the town of Fira. The alter­na­tive of rid­ing a don­key up the hill in 90 degree heat was pret­ty unap­peal­ing!

It was fab­u­lous to have a snack at one of the out­door cafes over­look­ing the azure sea. Not to be missed is the low fat Greek frozen yoghurt, which tast­ed sus­pi­cious­ly creamy, as with all things in Greece.





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Piraeus (Athens): Greece

Sat­ur­day morn­ing at 7 am and we’ve arrived in the port town of Athens, Piraeus. Sailed for a day and half across the Mediter­ranean and we’ve final­ly made it. Today Athens is a bustling city of some 4.5 mil­lion peo­ple and cov­ers an area of 165 square miles. Piraeus is about 14 Km from the cen­tre of Athens and claims to be the largest com­mer­cial port in the Mediter­ranean, ship­ping and receiv­ing goods from the Far East and the rest of the world.

We had a late start to the day, and hopped off the ship mid-morn­ing to a tem­per­a­ture of 40C (about 108F), and hopped on a city sight­see­ing bus to take a trip up to the Acrop­o­lis and beyond. Sat out­side on the top deck of the bus which is cool­er than the sti­fling down­stairs and had a great overview of the city and sur­round­ings.

We rode the bus back to the port and stopped off at a nice bar for some refresh­ment while over­look­ing the mil­lion dol­lar plus yachts. There were many Ital­ian yachts, and seem­ing­ly they have had to flee Italy to avoid the tax police who now tour the ports and tar­get the rich yacht own­ers
to ensure their tax­es are up to date. Quite a few of the own­ers seem to have no declared income!

Below are a few pho­tos from the day.