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Naples Beach Scene

Went for a bike ride from our digs down 9 blocks to the beach in Naples for a swim and had some fun observ­ing some of the local beach life!  The good deed for the day was res­cu­ing the starfish before he became lunch for the local pel­i­can gang.


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Back in the US in Ft Lauderdale

We arrived back from cross­ing the Atlantic and the Caribbean on Sat­ur­day, and have spent the last few days get­ting acclimi­tised to the US again after 8 months away in Europe.  Its amaz­ing the things that strike us as so dif­fer­ent even although they are exact­ly the same as when we left here!  The scale of the Ft Laud­erdale area is quite a change from Europe.  We’re stay­ing in a lit­tle place a few blocks back from the sea, sur­round­ed by giant hotels and con­dos that stretch upwards towards the heav­ens;  they do pro­vide good shade from the rare sun­shine though.

Picked up our rental car today and drove on our first 8 lane high­way for a while.  Phew that was inter­est­ing.  Plan is to stay here until Sat­ur­day then head over to the Gulf coast to scope out Sara­so­ta where many folks from the UK seem to win­ter and rave about as a nice small­er town.  Should be fun.

Some sights from around Ft Laud­erdale.