Spring is here almost–time to change the tracking apps!

After using Live­strong for too many years to remem­ber as my eat­ing and work­out track­ing  soft­ware I’ve made a change this last week.  Truth­ful­ly I’ve been a bit frus­trat­ed with the Live­strong app because of not being able to eas­i­ly find many of the strange veg­gie foods we tend to eat in their data­base.  This lead to too much time cre­at­ing entries.

ws-50Well we pur­chased a new scale for our home (got the white one).  Set­tled on a With­ings Smart Body Ana­lyz­er which although is a bit on the expen­sive side has sev­er­al things for us:

  • wire­less­ly con­nects to our iPhones
  • very accu­rate weight mea­sure­ment
  • super easy to operate–very impor­tant!
  • mea­sures the air qual­i­ty in the room
  • nice addi­tion to the bath­room

With­ings  has part­nered with many oth­er ven­dors one of which is the free Myfit­ness­pal eat­ing and activ­i­ty track­er.  Ear­ly days but I must say this app is great.  It has a great data­base, eas­i­ly allows you to scan foods into your phone, and imme­di­ate­ly finds them–at least to date.  It also con­nects with the With­ings scale app and thus allows you to have a great view of things.

Anoth­er piece of the puz­zle I’m using is the Apple Health app on the iPhone, which inte­grates with the above two apps and dis­plays all infor­ma­tion in an easy to read dash­board style in one place.  Bril­liant (of course I am a big Apple since 1995!).

A side ben­e­fit of our new home is that it’s on three lev­els and all these apps mea­sure the num­ber of flights of stairs climbed in each day; lets say things have become a bit com­pet­i­tive in our house­hold of late.  All this climb­ing stairs must have health ben­e­fits don’t you think!

Ah well enough for now.  I’ll let you know how things go as time elaps­es.  Now I won­der if it counts beers:-)

Food Practical Tips

Livestrong Health Tracking

Over the last (too many!) years at this time I’ve (we’ve) re-focused on health and fit­ness as part of my New Year goals.  With many oth­ers I’ve uti­lized the Live­strong™ health apps to track my progress and try and get in bet­ter shape.  Recent­ly Live­strong™ have updat­ed their offer­ings to include a full work­out and eat­ing plan tai­lored to your goals and impor­tant­ly for us, they have a full bore veg­e­tar­i­an eat­ing plan in the offer­ings.    The work­outs are on-line videos and are about half an hour each and real­ly burn the calo­ries.  They are host­ed by an Eng­lish ex pro foot­baller,  Nicky Holen­der, and are a lot of fun.

For almost the first time in our lives we are fol­low­ing the plan exact­ly and did a week’s shop­ping up front–what a task that was!

This is day 5 of our jour­ney and I must say I feel and see a dif­fer­ence already.  Its chal­leng­ing but lots of fun and nice to have some­one tell you what to eat for each meal!

The pho­to at the top of the page is a screen shot of my eat­ing for break­fast today and shows how easy it is to enter and track all your meals and work­outs.  Scary!

We’ll post some more thoughts as we progress with the plan over the next month or so.

Jan­u­ary 19, 2014

The end of week two on the plan.  Fun­ny only seems like 2 months!

  • I’ve man­aged to lose 5 inch­es in the 2 weeks, main­ly from the waist
  • The auld adage of ‘ener­gy in, ener­gy out” real­ly holds true.  If you put few­er calo­ries into your body than  you take out through exer­cise then you will lose fat.  The body has to turn to burn­ing the fat stores to feed the exer­cise demand
  • The work­outs are very chal­leng­ing and I’ve tend­ed to do them about 4 days a week instead of the 6 rec­om­mend­ed.  I find I need some more time between work­outs to recover–particularly around my chal­lenged right knee
  • Some of the meal sug­ges­tions have had to be altered to make them more to our taste and this seems to be work­ing well
  • We found doing the shop­ping for the week was not real­ly prac­ti­cal for us, and result­ed in a lot waste–fruit going off etc.  We’re now get­ting sup­plies a cou­ple of days ahead which is much more man­age­able

All in all we’re very pleased with the results and now that we’re in the swing of the plan it seems pret­ty easy to fol­low.  Onward to the next 2 weeks!