A few photos of Stephen and Betty from England

Below are a few pho­tos of Stephen with Bet­ty, Stephen’s daugh­ter Joan­ne’s love­ly wee dog.  She was loads of fun and when we stayed with Joanne dur­ing our recent trip and we had some great times with her.  We cer­tain­ly miss her lit­tle feet on the floor of a morn­ing or the snuf­fling out­side the bath­room door when tak­ing a show­er.


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Joanne and Betty come to Scotland

 My daugh­ter Joanne made the hero­ic effort to dri­ve near­ly 400 miles to see us for the week­end and intro­duce us to Bet­ty her new chi­huahua pup­py.   We had a blast with them but were quite exhaust­ed after they left us on Sun­day morn­ing.  Bet­ty like most pup­pies is on the go con­stant­ly then sleeps, then is on the go, then eats, then sleeps.  And so it went on.

It was amaz­ing to be wel­comed by the pat­ter of tiny feet on the floor each morn­ing, her tail wag­ging so hard you thought it might fall off!  And of course it’s always great to see and spend time with Joanne.

Here are a few pho­tos from the vis­it.