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Madeira West Road Trip

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Fea­tures: beg­ging lizard, smil­ing dog, tree-hug­ging bear, park­ing tick­et, and explod­ing tyre

The alarm went off at the ungod­ly hour of 7am, and we slow­ly dragged our­selves out of bed. A lit­tle known fact: dark­ness pre­vails at 7am in Madeira. Why on earth had we orga­nized a car rental for the day, I’d rather just mooch around in my work­out shorts for the next two hours, cup of tea in hand, and take a good long look over the bal­cony at the evolv­ing sea scene below.

Nev­er mind, we got our­selves orga­nized: we packed up the swim­ming gear, the cam­era gear,  the food & water and car­ried every­thing to the local car rental office across the street.

The agency pro­vid­ed a Renault Clio, black, that had been around the block a few times, I’d say. The tyres appeared pret­ty bald and the odome­ter reg­is­tered 69,000 kilo­me­ters. Not too bad if the island were the size of Cal­i­for­nia, but it’s only about 30 miles long. So it has had a good num­ber of short trips. The agent care­ful­ly point­ed out the spare wheel loca­tion and con­firmed a tool kit and jack on board. First time a rental agent has done that in the recent past.


Adieu to the Prius

Picture of Red Prius
Red prius

I just com­plet­ed the sale of our lit­tle red Prius to a real­ly nice cou­ple from Gilbert, AZ. Per­fect trans­ac­tion and could not have gone smoother. Their cred­it union was even able to print off a tem­po­rary license plate for them right there in Safe­way!

Love it when a deal goes as smooth­ly as this one.


2011 Prius for Sale

As part of our move over­seas we’ve list­ed our 2011 Prius for sale on Auto­trad­er.  If you or any­one you know may have an inter­est in the car please let us know by response here or on the Auto­trad­er web­site.