Great Day at the Beach

We came down to Galve­ston about an hour or so from Sug­ar Land to spend our anniver­sary on the beach. It seems pret­ty appro­pri­ate as the weath­er is glo­ri­ous and our hotel is right on the beach.

We arrived yes­ter­day after­noon and are look­ing for­ward to doing absolute­ly noth­ing for a cou­ple of days. We might not even ven­ture out beyond the beach and sea both of which are very invit­ing. The sea is quite warm and won­der­ful to swim in. The breezes are soft and gen­tle and the sun is in and out from behind some clouds. Per­fect

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Naples Beach Scene

Went for a bike ride from our digs down 9 blocks to the beach in Naples for a swim and had some fun observ­ing some of the local beach life!  The good deed for the day was res­cu­ing the starfish before he became lunch for the local pel­i­can gang.