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Galveston Island

We decid­ed on the spur of the moment to take a trip down to Galve­ston Island, about an hour and half from Sug­ar Land.

 Here’s our route:

Amaz­ing­ly we end­ed up doing a cir­cle and going about 166 miles.  A good day!

On arrival in Galve­ston after the oblig­a­tory stop at Star­bucks (for Stephen) we head­ed out to the State Park Beach about 9 miles south. After tak­ing an annu­al Texas State Parks pass (great deal if you want to go to many parks) we head­ed for the beach, a stone’s throw from the car park.  The park ranger had let us know there was much sea­weed on the beach and that there may be a sea tur­tle or two start­ing to come up and lay their eggs.  Inter­est­ing­ly when they do lay there, the park rangers relo­cate them to Padre Island where they are native.  That’s the way to bring to bring up kids!

Walk­ing along the shore­line we came upon a 14″ floun­der­ing cat­fish washed up on the beach.  He was still alive and I man­aged to pick him up avoid­ing his sharp spiny teeth, wade into the sea as far as I could, and release him back to his home.

Sit­ting on the beach we soon fig­ured out we had a busy neigh­bor crab kick­ing sand in our faces as he bur­rowed out his home­stead!  He showed no fear as I took about a dozen pho­tos of him, half in and out of the bur­row.  How­ev­er, when the shad­ow of a seag­ull passed over­head he was back under­ground in a flash.

After leav­ing the park, we too­tled down the island in search of adven­ture and instead came across a fun beach bar,  Pirates’ Alley Cafe, which even served up a deli­cious (Austin) veg­gie burg­er!  I guess Austin is the only place with veg­e­tar­i­ans and hip­pies like us.

By stephen

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Hi Den­ny. There’s so much peace watch­ing the wild crea­tures at the sea. Har­ry the crab enter­tained us for­ev­er, along with the div­ing pel­i­cans. Of course, you know about the secrets of the sea… Thank you in advance for your reflec­tions and images on the upcom­ing week­end — can’t wait to see what goes on! I’ll miss the corn labyrinth & hayride — if they hap­pen. Have a great time cel­e­brat­ing our class’s long-term friend­ship.

Sounds like a great adven­ture.
There’s NOTHING bet­ter for phys­i­cal & men­tal health, then sit­ting on the beach.
I’ll miss you this week­end, but will send LOTS of pic­tures !

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