Extremes of Temperature

You have to love the cli­mate here in the heart of Texas.  Today we had a high of about 79F and by tomor­row morn­ing its sup­posed to be 31F and poten­tial­ly snow­ing!  Had the AC on a lit­tle today at home and could have the heat­ing back on the next few days.  Go fig­ure.

IMG_0053This is a screen shot from app for the week here.  For­tu­nate­ly it was not 85F today and In truth we’re not quite ready to throw out the duvet for the sum­mer months so a few more cold nights will be most wel­come.

I hope the weath­er is being kind to you wher­ev­er in the world you hap­pen to be.

By stephen

2 replies on “Extremes of Temperature”

That’s an unbe­liev­able tem­per­a­ture swing.
Have to admit I’m get­ting used to those changes here in Cali.

It’s a fun­ny time of year here. It seems to take March for the weath­er to set­tle into sum­mer pat­terns. Still real­ly chilly this week­end and expect­ing big rain storm tomor­row

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