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Coastal Storms

The last three days have been amaz­ing­ly weird weath­er at the coast in Galve­ston.  The sun has been absent but the mist and humid­i­ty has been here in abun­dance.  Last night we had our first 100% humid­i­ty night.  Pret­ty alright real­ly apart from every­thing being a bit damp to the touch.  On the plus side your skin feels real­ly well moisturized!

We have a big storm fore­cast for Thurs­day with thun­der and lots of light­en­ing.  If its like the one we had last week it should be a blast.

Foggy Day In Anthem
Fog­gy Day In Galveston

We’re out of our present digs tomor­row (Thurs­day) and mov­ing into a rental in town where Chris and Michelle are join­ing us for the week­end.  Should be a bunch of fun for our send off to the ship on Sunday.


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