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Spinning Class

Anoth­er great spin­ning class this morn­ing. Up at 5am to watch the French open Mens’ Final then off to spin­ning class at 7:30am. Great class, love­ly morn­ing. Who could ask for more.


A Day at the Computer

Spent the whole day nudg­ing images along for Rita’s new book  “Fear­less”  in the final stages of pub­li­ca­tion.    Quite a steep learn­ing curve on the Adobe Cre­ative Suite of prod­ucts, but so good when you get some­thing out of the oth­er side.

We’re on the final count­down to blast­ing off for the sum­mer.  Off in a a few weeks.  Pri­or to this we have Chris and Michelle  here for the weekend.

Ah well sign­ing off now, feels like refresh­ment time.